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A neighbour state of the Bright Republic. Located to the galactic west of the Bright Republic.

It is an isolationist type state. The Bright Republic attempted to draw them into an alliance many times, but the Ylvainans repulsed every overture.

The Ylvaine Protectorate was founded by the Prophet Ylvaine, who believed that men and women as well as aliens would trancend mortality and become Gods, thus the State is heavily religious, it is ran by three dynasties.

The Protectorate didn't get along well with everyone because every Ylvainan was a religious fanatic. To a state like the Bright Republic whose only religion was rationality, such fervor clashed directly against their values. Though the Brighters and the Ylvainans were like ice and fire to each other, neither side wanted to go to war against each other. The Bright Republic already had their hands full with the Vesians, and they weren't snobby enough to think they needed to impose their values on the Ylvainans. The Protectorate on the other hand had their own concerns. To their galactic south existed a state called the Star Faith Collective. The Collective was made up of religious fanatics who believed in an entirely different faith. Compared to the Protectorate dislike to faithless dogs like Brighters, their animosity against the Collective was much more extreme. Discussions on religious dogma was a surefire way to spark a fight between citizens of both states. Strangely enough, the Ylvain Protectorate and the Star Faith Collective never came to blows for some reason. Unlike the many wars between the Vesians and the Brighters, the two religious states largely kept their conflict contained.