Volume 1: The Novice Mech Designer. Ch: 1-105[edit | edit source]

Ves Larkinson embarks on the way of a mech designer and starts his career by designing virtual mechs and selling his first variants.


  1. Young tiger exhibition
  2. Leemar Open Competition (Apprentice designer test) Ch: 66-105

Volume 2: Calm Before The Storm. Ch: 106-335[edit | edit source]

After becoming a nominal disciple of Master Carmin Olson, he sets out to design his own mechs and carries out missions for the Clifford Socciety and the System, where he makes contact with the Five Scrolls Compact for the first time.


  1. Groening arc
  2. Glowing planet arc

Volume 3: Flames of War Ch: 336-1062[edit | edit source]

With the outbreak of the Bright-Vesia War, Ves is stationed with the Flagrant Vandals. As a much bolder and worse financed mech corps of the Bright Republic, he sets of to a risky endeavor deep in Vesian territory. Then Flagrant Vandals set to the Frontier and and find the Starlight Megalodon in Aeon Corona IV


  1. Bright-Vesia war
  2. Frontier arc
  3. Aeon Corona arc
  4. Starlight Megalodon arc

Volume 4: Rise to Prominence Ch: 1063-1544[edit | edit source]

Ves is back to the Bright Republic. He becomes entangled in political schemes, opens the Ylvanian mech market, and becomes a journeyman mech designer.

Together with Gloriana Wodin, Ves does a star tour, until the sandman war begins, and he gets involved.

  1. Flashlight operative
  2. Journeyman mech designer
  3. Sandman war Ch: 1485-1983

Volume 5: The Next Mech Generation Ch: 1545-2502[edit | edit source]

  1. Friday - Hegemony war Ch: 1544-
  2. The nextgen announcement Ch: 1619-1625
  3. Ves' kidnapping Ch:1700-1774
  4. Excursion into the Nyxian Gap with the Battle against the Abyss Ch: 2022-2476
  5. Ves and Glorianna's Grand Wedding Ch: 2477-2502

Volume 6: The Grand Expedition Ch: 2503-current chapter[edit | edit source]

  1. Friday - Hegemony war continuation
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