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Ves Larkinson, the protagonist of The Mech Touch, is a young promising Mech Designer, founder of the Living Mech Corporation and part of the Larkinson Family, a Military Dynasty with strong roots in the Bright Republic. He was a nominal disciple of Master Olson of the Friday Coalition and shares ties with the Sword Maidens of the frontiers. His speciality in Mech Design is Spiritual Man-Machine Symbiosis, in which he uses a metaphysical quality known as Spirituality. His speciality affects the interaction between human and machine and imbues life into his mechs. He has a bionic pet cat Lucky. He also has a girlfriend named Gloriana Wodin from the Hexadric Hegemony.

Ves Larkison is nominally neutral with a cynical outlook in life after being thrust into numerous situations out of his control and at danger to his morals and life. He pursues rationality in decision-making and will not hesitate to skirt the rules and laws to achieve a favourable outcome. A prudent yet naive business owner, Ves Larkinson has many challenges in both growing his company and polishing his skills in design, all the while facing unseen threats to his life by forces larger than him.

Ves can speak with cats

His greatest secret is the Mech Designer System in his possession which can enhance his abilities to design mechs. Done through numerous miraculous abilities beyond the range of what should be possible in ordinary reality. Arguably the most essential asset to Ves's career.

Early life[edit | edit source]

As a child, Ves wanted to become a mech pilot, much like his father and as a scion of the Larkinson Family. Regretfully, his genetic test aptitude score quickly proved his inability of fulfilling his dream. Downcast from his results and the military family's indifference, Ves decided to take his chances at becoming a Mech Designer instead. Though scorned, his father supported him in his journey towards becoming a Mech Designer and left him the "System" before his disappearance. Ves is now left with a debt that needed to be paid or the workshop his father bought for him would be taken away by the bank.

Development[edit | edit source]

Novice Mech Designer (Chapter 1-105)[edit | edit source]

Ves embarks on the way of a mech designer and starts his career by designing virtual mechs and selling his first variants.

Apprentice Mech Designer (Chapter 106-415)[edit | edit source]

After becoming a nominal disciple of Master Carmin Olson, he sets out to design his own mechs and carries out missions for the Clifford Socciety and the System, where he makes contact with the Five Scrolls Compact for the first time.

The Vesian Skirmish (Chapter 416-570)[edit | edit source]

With the outbreak of the Bright-Vesia War, Ves is stationed with the Flagrant Vandals. As a much bolder and worse financed mech corps of the Bright Republic, he sets of to a risky endeavor deep in Vesian territory.

Frontier (Chapter 571-764)[edit | edit source]

After traversing the Vesia Kingdom, the Flagrant Vandals link up with the Swordmaidens and continue on their flight into the Frontier. But they are not alone.

Aeon Corona VII (Chapter 765-898)[edit | edit source]

The race for the Starlight Megalodon continues. Not just the competition, but also the natives and the unhospital Aeon Corona System itself challange the partners.

Starlight Megalodon (Chapter 899-970)[edit | edit source]

After getting access, only the Vesians and the Brighters led by Venerable Relia Foster and Ves respectively are in the race. But trouble arises, as Calabast pursues her own goals.

Flashlight Operative (Chapter 971-1133)[edit | edit source]

Back in Brighter space, Ves becomes entangled into political struggles thanks to Senator Camden Tovar. After brushing by death, Ves becomes part of the entourage of the senator to have peace talks with the Vesians.

Journeyman Mech Designer (Chapter 1134-1254)[edit | edit source]

After breaking through to Journeyman, Ves still has not fulfilled the requirements set by the MTA. He embarks to the Ylvaine Protectorate, to design his fifth original design, but his habits get him into trouble once again.

Centerpoint and Star Sector Tour (Chapter 1255-1484)[edit | edit source]

After officially registering as a Journeyman Mech Designer, Ves joins the Rim Guardians and meets Gloriana for the first time. Her advances cause him considerable trouble with the Friday Coalition, so he decides to travel through the states the states bordering the Hexadric Hegemony instead. But the new route brings him close to the Nyxian Gap.

Sand War (Chapter 1485-1805)[edit | edit source]

Sigrund starts a war with humans in the Komodo Star Sector in earnest. Ves links up with Gloriana and rushes home, to design some iconic mechs against the sandman threat, that will make him famous. But danger approaches from an unexpected side.

Larkinson Clan (Chapter 1806-2156)[edit | edit source]

Ves rallies his likeminded relatives and founds the Larkinson Clan around the Larkinson Mandate, but the ire of the Fridaymen is rused. Gloriana and Ves complete some designs and garner the interest of MTA Master Moira Willix, much to Ves dread.

Nyxian Gap (Chapter 2157-2476)[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to earn MTA merits for his Beyonder Ticket to the Red Ocean Galaxy, Ves sets of into the Nyxian Gap with Task Force Predator while Gloriana prepares for the wedding.

Awards and Accolades[edit | edit source]

Bright Republic[edit | edit source]

Name Description Chapter
Darkness Eater The second-highest award recognising individual merit in the Bright Republic, usually only given to exemplary Mech Pilots and combatants. 966
Torch Bearer The Torch Bearer award by the Bright Republic signifies an individual's direct action which saved a lot of lives. Ves Larkinson received the award specifically for the initiative he showed in saving and assisting the remnant of the ground forces aboard the Starlight Megalodon and his legendary feat of defeating the Blind Men pirate gang using words alone. 966
Golden Mech An award specifically reserved for Mech designers that have performed a supreme service to the Bright Republic and usually only given out to Senior Mech Designers. 966
War Saint An award to every active participant of the Bright-Vesia Wars. 967
Frontier Service Medal The Frontier Service Medal signifies that the individual has served on behalf of the Mech Corps while deployed to the perilous frontier. 967
Mech Corps Commendation A Unit award that gave supreme honour to the whole mech regiment. Ves Larkinson received this award as part of the 6th Flagrant Vandals. 967
Mech Corps Distinguished Service Medal For Ves's meritorious service on Bentheim the Mech Corps decided to bestow the medal on him. 1006
Vermillion Heart Ves was awarded this medal for his injuries he suffered in the line of duty during his time as a 'liason for the MTA' for the KNG Corporation. 1006
Plasma Spark The third-highest medal given from the Mech Corps. Awarded to Ves for the merit he earned during his assignment as atachè to Senator Tovar's Delegation. 1063

MTA[edit | edit source]

Name Description Chapter
Galactic Citizen Equals average citizenship of any first-rate state. Aside numerous rights and privileges, the Big Two will let murder of ordinary space peasants slide in most cases. 1258
Masterwork Mech Certificate (Quint) Ves and Gloriana first recieved this certificate for creating the Quint(Bright Warrior). Every new certified masterwork will be rewarded with a new certificate. It represents their affinity towards mechs and can be an indicator for their future progression. 1900
Masterwork Mech Certificate (Little Angel) Ves and Gloriana recieved this certificate for creating the Little Angel(Blessed Squire). 2148
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