Spirituality and spellcasters[edit | edit source]

Pirates affiliated with the 5 scroll compact were capable of using spirituality to become invisible and blow up people's heads. This happened when the XXX infitrated the Flagrant Vandals heading to Aeon Corona

Spirituality and mech designers[edit | edit source]

Mech designers need spirtuality to ascend to Journeymen. Once they gather sufficient experience and a solid design philosophy, they construct a design seed using their spirituality. This design seed is akin to a microcomputer that helps them design mechs, and allows them to infuse mechs they design with supernatural properties.

Spirituality and mech pilots ( from chapter 460)[edit | edit source]

Expert mech pilots can use spirituality to activate resonant materials in mechs, performing supernatural feats. A mech pilot needs spirtuality to become an expert. Expert candidates are mech pilots who have shown a small amount of resonance and laveres, and need to break through to freely use resonance.

Resonance creates radiation that can be perceived with specialized equipment. Resonance strength is measured in laveres. The lavere scale goes from 1 to 10.000, and it is not linear.

  • A new expert pilot would measure about 1 lavere
  • A new ace pilot would exert at least 67 laveres of resonance.
  • God pilots start out with 1545

Ves Larkinson's design philosophy[edit | edit source]

Design spirits[edit | edit source]

Ves Larkinson's design philosopy focuses on the creation of design spirits. They act as spirits that posses a mech design, and guide the pilot. He creates them in different ways.

The first way is the three way visualization technique. Ves imagines a totem animal, a legendary human figure, and a representation of the mech's role, and combines them.

Spiritual fragments[edit | edit source]

Ves Larkinson can hijack spiritual fragments from the spirituality of beings or objects. Then he places them in the three way visualization technique and makes a design spirit.

This method's advantage is a stronger design spirit, and less use of Ves' spirituality, so long as the fragment is strong.

Ves has used spirit fragments from:

  • Aliens: Quilanxo, the crown cat, Nyxie
  • Expert pilots: plenty, don't remember.
  • Prophet Ylvaine's holy food wrapper

Spiritual fragment donors benefit from this practice. The spirituality of the pilots that use their mech boosts them, and it can help them break through.

Spiritual products[edit | edit source]

Spiritual products are created by combining: a strong impression, an expert pilot's spirituality, and an alien entity's spirituality??. They use spiritual fragments. I don't remember why the Quilanxo and Ylvaine mechs design spirits don't count as spiritual products.

Designer specialites help with spiritual products, such as Gloriana's correcting flaws when piecing together the product, while Ves provides the spark of life. If two designers use their spiritual projections together to build a product, it is possible to achieve resonance, which is to say, they use their specialties together.


"His first spiritual product was Vescas, the design spirit of the Kinslayer.

His second spiritual product was the Solemn Guardian, the design spirit of the Desolate Soldier and its variants.

His third was bravo, the design of the Adonis Colossus"

Spiritual stones[edit | edit source]

Some exotics are capable of interacting with spirtual beings. There are x:

  • P-stone: stores spiritual energy
  • :makes spiritual attacks stronger

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