Background[edit | edit source]

Ryncol Larkinson is Ves Larkinson's father. He went missing in action, leaving Ves with debt, a workshop, and the Mech Design System.

The workshop[edit | edit source]

To support Ves' career as a mech designer, he built a workshop. It was a one-man boutique capable of printing its own parts so Ves could assemble mechs from scratch.

Ryncol planned to then refer Ves to his buddies in the military service for cheap jobs and let Ves dip his toes into the world of customization one step at a time. Then, once Ves acquired a reputation, he'd be able to design his own variants.

Debt and disappearance

Ryncol disappeared without a trace after leaving Ves a mountain of debt. Ves initially assumed he was called back to duty but he was dismayed to learn from his father's friends that Ryncol was MIA .

Ves' workshop was bought with a loan of 330 million bright credits from Cloudy Curtain's Planetary bank. The bank stated that the whole debt was in Ves' name. He would have to hand over the workshop and all of its machinery if he missed a single annual interest payment.

Ves would have to come up with 5 million credits at the end of three months. The bank had already written Ves off. They wanted to get their claws on the workshop before Ves screwed something up and depreciated its value.

The Insurance company and government weren't of any help either as they considered Ryncol, Missing In Action(MIA) . Until the insurance company recieved proof of his death, Ves wouldn't receive a single penny and any missing person's report, the money would be released only after five years.

The system

Ves got from the bank a small package from Ryncol. The package had a note: "To my son Ves, in case I'm not home." The package contained a data chip which was only useable offline, with a program which hijacked his comm:

"Initializing the Mech Designer System. New user detected. Initiating deep scan in 2400 minicycles. Please prepare properly." This is how Ves Larkinson obtained the Mech Designer System

Family:[edit | edit source]

Ryncol is one of seven siblings of the Larkinson Family whose father is Benjamin Larkinson. Ark is one of his younger brothers. He’s been described as the most reticent of the bunch and loves his son like a treasure.  Ark reported that he was digging into his brother’s movements a year before he disappeared and found that there was a couple of times he went off the grid and probably went incognito during that time to visit a conflict zone.

Though Ark didn’t know which conflict zone he frequented, it matched the couple of times Ryncol went off the grid. Benjamin Larkinson grimaced when assumed his son made dealing with pirates but couldn’t follow up as the trail had ended there.

When Ark enquired if he would help Ves with some capital, Benjamin refused even if Ves’s plans fell through as he believed Ryncol took some trouble procuring those loans and see those plans through to the end.  He also believed that Ryncol hasn’t abandoned Ves despite being indisposed. 

Current situation[edit | edit source]

He was last seen together with the Cobra Cadavers mercenary group in the Nyxian Gap where he was addressed as 'Black Cleaver'.

He pilots the mech Devil Tiger

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