Mech pilots are people trained to pilot mechs.

Neural Interfaces and aptitude[edit | edit source]

Mechs are piloted using neural interfaces, allowing pilots to move them with their minds. This allows an exceptional level of control and reaction speed, as if the mech were the pilot's body, yet requires years of training.

In order to use neural interfaces, a pilot needs neural aptitude. Neural aptitudes are ranked from A to F, and they determine whether someone can fluidly use an interfaced mech, or if they will have coordination problems. Very low aptitudes can also lead to brain trauma if one pilots a mech. Regardless of aptitude, pilots attend pilotting academies for over a decade before graduation, so mech piloting is a profession that takes time to learn.

Neural aptitude is an inborn trait that cannot be changed. Only about 10% of people have the aptitude to pilot 3rd class mechs, and it gets worse for 2nd and 1st class

Differences between state levels[edit | edit source]

There are first, second and third class states. With enormous differences in money and technology. This leads to differently trained pilots.

3rd class state pilots generally specialize in piloting a single mech type. They have few cognitive enhacements, and the apitude barrier is around D, since they use specialized basic mechs with few functions

2nd class state pilots require higher aptitude and enhancements, as their mechs are more complex

1st class state pilots have higher requirements and complexity.

Culture and wars[edit | edit source]

Mech pilots are celebrated, with higher level pilots ( expert pilots) treated as war heros.

After the age of contest, war is waged by using mechs, despite their inferiority to warships. Also, mechs have ejection systems, and shooting an ejected pilot is frowned upon. The MTA allows war between states this way, which happens to be the best way to promote the apparition of expert pilots

Pilot levels[edit | edit source]

Pilot levels are:

  • Mech pilot
  • Expert candidate
  • Expert pilot
  • Ace pilot
  • God pilot

To promote to expert candidate, a mech pilot needs inborn spirituality. They also need a focused mind. If the requirements are satisfied, a mech pilot can become an expert candidate during a fight, presumably due to tension and willpower. Afterwards, the candidate will slowly build up their spirituality, and rank up.

Pilots ranked expert and above have significant spirituality power. This makes their presence more imposing, and it allows to activate resonance with expert mechs, performing supernatual feats.

An expert pilot can beat about 100 normal mech pilots

Resonance creates radiation that can be perceived with specialized equipment. Resonance strength is measured in laveres. The lavere scale goes from 1 to 10.000, and it is not linear.

  • A new expert pilot would measure about 1 lavere
  • A new ace pilot would exert at least 67 laveres of resonance.
  • God pilots start out with 1545
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