Mechs by Ves:

Iron spirit mechs by Ves:

Mechs not by Ves:

-Caesar Augustus: hybrid mech with architecutre problems. complete

-Dawnbreaker: altein university medium class ballistic ranged mech with specialiced sandbreaker rifles and considrable armor

Mech classifications to migrate to another page later[edit | edit source]

The mech industry predominantly divided mechs into two-dozen mainstream archetypes


  • Landbound: designed to run well under gravity
  • Aerial: designed to fly under gravity
  • Space: designed to fly in zero gravity.
  • Aquatic: designed to be used in water

Weight class

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Note: weight class is determined by mobility. Expensive first class light mechs can be heavier than cheap third class heavy mechs, as they move faster.


  • Skirmisher: fast moving thin armored melee mech, designed to circle around and reach the rear of enemy mech and attack vulnerable part.
  • Fencer:
  • Marauder:
  • Rifleman: ranged shooter
  • Marksman: powerful single shot weapon designed to take out key target from afar.
  • Cannoneer:
  • Artillery:
  • (Defensive/Normal) Knight: thick armor with shield and sword/mace, used as tank.
  • Offensive Knight: knight mech mean to be used during attack. Better mobility but weaker armor compared to normal knight.
  • Hybrid Knight:
  • Swordsman:
  • Axeman: Shield Breaker
  • Spearman:
  • Lancer: accumulate momentum to use charge based attack
  • Striker: use medium range aoe weapon like shotguns and flamethrowers. deadly against skirmisher
  • Hero: Use both rifle and sword in each arm.
  • Doom Crawler:
  • Frontline mech: rigid cannon fodder, cheap

Technology class. Depends on the state

  • First class: multi-role expensive mechs with top tier technology
  • Second class: inbetween a 2nd calss mech could cost One billion bright credits an extravagant price for a mech that only performed a couple of times better than a third-class equivalent! The cost is multiplied by a factor of at least a hundred, but the performance boost is only multiplied by five to eight times at most.
  • Third class: cheap materials and substitutes, very specialiced, low versatility

Expert mechs

They are tailored for their mech pilots. They use resonant materials to use the pilot's spiritual power. Worth a hundred or more mechs, in terms of strength, and more in terms of cost.

Cost quantity vs quality[edit | edit source]

The lowest cost mech are normally mass produced front line mech in 3rd class states. These absolutely trashy mech that cost 3 million credits in raw materials to produce could be twice as good if the cost of materials was 6 million credits instead.

However, if a mech that cost 45 million credits got overhauled with materials that cost 90 million credits, the actual rate of improvement might only be around 10-35 percent. The range was rather large because it heavily depended on the skill and vision of the mech designer.

Two mechs that cost 5 million credits each could beat a single mech worth 15 million credits. Two mechs that cost 10 million credits each could beat a single mech worth 30 million credits. Two mechs that cost 20 million credits each could beat a single mech worth 60 million credits. Two mechs that cost 50 million credits each could beat a single mech worth 120 million credits. Four mechs that cost 150 million credits each could beat a single mech worth 1 billion credits.

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