Mechs by Ves:

Iron spirit mechs by Ves:

Mechs not by Ves:

-Caesar Augustus: hybrid mech with architecutre problems. complete

-Dawnbreaker: altein university medium class ballistic ranged mech with specialiced sandbreaker rifles and considrable armor

Mech classifications to migrate to another page later[edit | edit source]


  • Landbound
  • Spacer: higher ranges, higher speeds, lasers better, different flight.

Weight class

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Note: weight class is determined by mobility. Expensive first class light mechs can be heavier than cheap third class heavy mechs, as they move faster.


  • Skirmisher: fast light melee
  • Rifleman: ranged
  • Sniper:
  • Knight: shield and sword, tanks shots
  • Striker: short/medium aoe shooters, like shotguns and flamethrowers
  • Frontline mech: rigid cannon fodder, cheap
  • Lancer: charges

Technology class. Depends on the state

  • First class: multi-role expensive mechs with top tier technology
  • Second class: inbetween
  • third class: cheap materials and substitutes, very specialiced, low versatility

Expert mechs

They are tailored for their mech pilots. They use resonant materials to use the pilot's spiritual power. Worth a hundred or more mechs, in terms of strenght, and more in terms of cost.

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