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The Mech Design System is mysterious software that was left behind by Ves's father Ryncol Larkinson.

The Mech Designer system is the primary reason Ves becomes a proficient Mech Designer with a very unique specialisation.

The Mech Designer system menu has a number of functions that is provided to the user at it' disposal.

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Mech Design System is equipped with various different abilities beyond what is rationally possible to humanity.

As a designer software, it naturally has its own digital design studio. Ves often claims how convenient the design tools and multiple options in the design space are. Aside from that, the Mech Designer System has borderline reality-altering abilities.

Most and foremost, matter materialization. On numerous occasions, the System has been shown to be able to materialize different physical items from seemingly nothing, including Lucky, the Amastindera, Attribute Candies, and lottery tickets. While the MTA and CFA have the ability to materialize matter as well, their process of doing so is dramatically different as the System can do so without any specialized equipment or even a detectable power source besides a wrist comm. It even claimed to be able to accurately fabricate an average mech so long as Ves gives up 1,445,645,313 Design Points.

The system seems to possess a Quasi-Consciousness. Evaluating Ves very critically and rebutting him in ways that borderline straight insults. Crossing over more than once. Outside of this, the System appears to have desires or at least goals. It leads Ves down various different paths and forces him into some questionable circumstances through the use of Missions. Such as pushing Ves into learning about X-Factor and Spirituality and making Ves go to the Glowing Planet for the planet's mysterious core.

To Ves, the two most useful abilities of the system are most likely its incredible ability to evaluate and enhance his stats and the ability to directly download information directly into the consciousness of its user in the form of skills. Major Skills include [Assembly], [Business], [Computer Science], [Mathematics], [Mechanics], [Metallurgy], and [Physics] that Ves started with. All listed in the users Status Page. These categories branch off into additional focuses and specialties or can be upgraded to directly enhance the broad topic knowledge of those fields. Something Ves mentions is that all the knowledge he obtains is biasedly focused on knowledge related to Mech Design.

Later, Ves acquires the new major skill [Metaphysics] as he starts to unlock his path into utilizing X-Factor. Additional major skills that Ves obtains later are [Battle Mechatronics], [Electrical Engineering], [Material Science], [Interfacing], [Propulsion], [Salvaging], [Signals and Communication], and [Stealth and Cloaking].

The Major Skills are divided into levels and upgrades to each level depending on Ves's knowledge into them. Starting from Incompetent, it goes up to Novice, Apprentice, Journymen, and Senior. Assuming that it follows the same trend as Mech Designer ranks. The following two levels are Master and Star. The first time Ves wants to upgrade a skill to the next level, he has to complete a System issued mission to prove his qualifications. When upgrading a skill to the corresponding level, Ves's knowledge into that subject becomes comparable to other mech designers of the same level but is ultimately inferior due to a lack of specialty focus.

Specialty Focus Skills are part of the major skills that branch out into individual fields. Giving Ves a clearer insight into a particular topic. These skills can also be upgraded. But their tier distinction is instead divided through a numerical scale to clearly distinct an upgraded skill.

Among the skills the system offers, one is Mastery. Mastery is a method used by some Mech Designers to create a neural link with Mech Pilots to look into their minds and understand the pilot's experiences when piloting mechs. Thanks to this, the designers have a better grasp of what pilots want from their mechs and can design it accordingly. The System provides a similar service by transporting Ves's consciousness back in time into the mind of an active Mech Pilot to directly experience what it's like to pilot those specific mechs.

Along with skills, the system also provides Ves with a direct numerical evaluation of his attribute stats in both physical and mental compactly. Being Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Creativity, and Concentration. Later he obtains Spirituality as part of his attributes when he reaches a certain level of development on his road to become a mech designer. Among his attributes, there is also Neural Aptitude, which is most likely referenced to his ability to pilot mechs. For Ves with no Aptitude, the attribute is permanently evaluated as F. Ves states that he might be able to use the system to gain his Neural Aptitude, he chooses not too because of the exorbitant price it will most likely cost him.

Something to note about Attributes and Skills is that they aren't only obtained through the system. But Ves can gain some of them on his own. Dedicated learning and studying can unlock skills for him without the need of the system.

The Mech Designer System does all of this through the use of Design Points. A system only currency that can be used in the shop and skill tree to purchase items and upgrades. The more valuable it is, the higher the cost. Ves can earn a small amount of Points every day, from doing missions and gaining rewards, designing a Mech, or selling mech's he design. Of the methods, Ves uses the last one the most. In the eyes of the system, as long as Ves was the one to design the mech and has fabricated it at least once, then it counts no matter how its sold. This includes intermediaries like virtual mech sales on Iron Spirits, or if he contracts other manufacturers to produce and sell his mechs.

The System also assists Ves by providing him with patents and part designs along with licenses for him to use. Ves isn't entirely sure how the system legally grants them to him, but legally, they originate from an organization called the Future Sons Technology Institution. But locating it has been proven to be extremely difficult because of the complicated corporate laws of the New Rubarth Empire, which it's supposedly based in.

Another function is that it evaluates all designs Ves makes through Design Evaluations. The better the mech, the better the evaluation. The evaluations include the Mech's name, Original Manufacturer, Weight Classification, Recommended Role, Armor, Aesthetics, Endurance, Energy Efficiency, Flexibility, Firepower, Integrity, Mobility, Spotting, X-Factor, Cost Efficiency, Project Involvement, Original Composition, as well as a summarized evaluation given by the system. When making a variant, it also includes the original base model, Deviance, and performance improvement. From Armor to Cost Efficiency, the score is done through a letter grading while other factors are percentages.

Spoilers for Starlight Megalodon:

Virtual Rear Admiral Ordoth of the intelligence division in the CFA Battleship the Starlight Megalodon mistakes Ves to be a Holy Son after he finds a blood marker in his blood. The Mech Designer system is allegedly the Metal Scroll of the Five Scrolls Compact and was reportedly lost when it disintegrated in the fight for it during the Great Betrayal.

The Metal Scroll "Teaches how to shape blessed minerals into the armaments of the gods". Taking it literally in context to the story, the Metal Scroll guides its possessor into turning different exotic materials into powerful weapons. In the case for Ves, guides him into making Mechs.

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