Lucky is Ves' cat.

He was given to Ves by the System.

Excretes gems everytime he eats an exotic mineral. The gems boost mechs.

Capable of incorporating material he eat into his own body and make it more durable, or gaining the new ability from it, such as jamming and hacking after eating CFA shuttle.

Can also turn incorporeal, regenerate, use stealth and slash through hull with energy claws

List of Gem Lucky has produced so far:

[Emerald of Minor Armor]

Increases the durability of a mech's armor plates by 0.5% when installed.

[Zircon of Minor Resonance]

Increases the tonal quality of a mech's weapon by 20% when installed.

[Carnelian of Focus]

Increases the pilot's concentration by 0.1 when installed on a mech.

[Black Diamond of the Night]

Increases the speed and armor of a mech by 10% at low light levels.

[Furnace of Regret]

The anguish of a forgotten terror is encapsulated in this gem. Increases the efficiency of the power reactor of a mech by 30 percent.

[Horned Devil's Visage]

The echo of an extinct alien race is captured within this gem. Increases the sensor range of a mech by 40 percent.

[Remnant Supernova]

The remnants of a supernova that wiped out an entire alien race is contained within this gem. Increases the damage inflicted by directed energy weapons by 25 percent.

[Fist of the Faithful]

The memory of a punch that changed the course of the galaxy resides in this gem. Increases the impact damage inflicted by a mech by 30 percent.

[Sin of Altruism]

The valor of a great sacrifice by an alien warrior is housed within this gem. Increases the damage resistance of external armor plating by 20 percent.

[Ardent Wish]

The determination of a great human mech pilot is caught within this gem. Increased the spiritual feedback of a mech by 40 percent.

[Accumulation of Spirit]

Allows a mech to bear a small quantity of spiritual energy.

[Maiden's Affection]

The desire of an ancient maiden is locked within this gem. Increases the attraction of a mech by 40 percent to females.

[Mother's Love]

The love of a mother towards her offspring resides within this royal gem. Increases the allure of a mech by 100 percent to females.

[Bastet's Whisper]

The echoing whisper of a feline patron can be found within this gem. Enhances the acceleration of a tiger mech by 30 percent.

[Whipping Boy]

The fear of a boy towards women is encapsulated within this cursed gem. Increases the dread of a mech by 50 percent to males.

[Minor Chaos Remnant]

An infinitesimally small remnant of chaos is captured within this gem. Increases the penetration of any sharp melee weapon wielded by a mech by 40 percent.

[Unstable Chaos Essence]

A terrible essence of chaos is locked within this gem. The essence is stolen from a great and ancient horror that would dearly wish to regain it. Carry this gem at your own risk.

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