Structure[edit | edit source]

Human territory follows a structure: Galaxy ->Region -> Star cluster -> Star Sector -> State -> Star System -> Planet.

Location pyramid.png

For example: Human Galaxy->Galactic Rim-> Yeina Star Cluster -> Komodo Star Sector -> Bright Republic -> Unnamed Star System -> Cloudy Curtain ( Ves' home)

There are 2 galaxies: the human galaxy, and the Red Ocean:

  • Human Galaxy: conquered during the Age of Conquer, the closest to the center the richer.
  • Red Ocean galaxy : a new galaxy with riches. Very far away, reached with teleport gates.

Also, the human galaxy is divided in 4 regions:

  • Galactic Center: the richest and most advanced and ancient part of human territory. Center of human galaxy, has 1st tier states
  • Heartland: middle class part of the galaxy
  • Galactic Rim: The poorest part of human territory. Most of the story happens here
  • Frontier: at the borders of civilized human space. Dominated by pirates.

Yeina Star Cluster[edit | edit source]

Has 3 star sectors

Komodo Star Sector locations[edit | edit source]

The story is focused in Komodo.

Galactic rim.png

Frontier (outside human territory)[edit | edit source]

Nyxian gap

Megalodon planet

Faris Star region ( chapter 640): it is the chunk of space adjacent to the Komodo Star Sector, in the frontier

Galactic center[edit | edit source]

Red Ocean Dwarf Galaxy: ch 1622, phasewater[edit | edit source]

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