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"I'm certain. The name describes my philosophy of treating mechs like persons instead of machines. I don't want my customers to associate my products with commodities to be discarded at will." ― Ves Larkinson[[source]]

Living Mech Corporation (Alias: LMC) is a Mech Manufacturing Company founded by Ves Larkinson. With Larkinson family, Ves Larkinson formally established their corporation at Freslin City.


"The Living Mech Corporation's mission is to bring mechs to life. I can't do that without a minimum standard of quality. I'm not interested in getting into a race to the bottom. Cheaper mechs means I'll have to start cutting corners, which I really hate doing." ― Ves Larkinson[[source]]


Owner/CEO: Ves Larkinson[]

Chief Operating Officer: Jake Altern[]

Chief Financial Officer: Primrose Mackarie[]

Chief of the Board Members: Benjamin Larkinson[]

Lawyer/Local Liason/LMC Spokesperson: Calsie Doornbos[]

Security Officer/ Head of Avatars of Myth: Melkor Larkinson[]

Chief Fabricator: Carlos Shaw[]

Chief Mech Technician: Cyril Hocklett[]

Stock Ownership[]

Since the foundation of the company, Ves Larkinson only has had a partial ownership, because of transfered stock. The following list tracks changes in the ownership of the stock.

Chapter 142, 143[]

Chapter 257[]

Chapter 976[]

Chapter 1075[]

Chapter 1780[]

Chapter 1780[]

Chapter 1782[]

Chapter 1806, 2096, 2534[]

In the industry other mech designers working for a company and of rank Journeymen or higher are usually awarded with some stock, but as the list above shows Ves Larkinson has refrained from doing so.