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A military family of the Bright Republic. Due to constant wars , the number of Larkinsons never grew more than a thousand . A large portion of the Larkinsons are widows to pilots, or children.

Among the members of the Larkinson family, only half possess the genetic aptitude to pilot Mechs.

Since early age, Larkinsons that possess the genetic aptitude were put under severe and strict training resulting in many skilled pilot to emerging from the family

Their ancestor was an Ace Level pilot.

Currently there are three Expert Level pilots in the Family.

One of them is Ves' uncle Ark.The other two are the brothers Benjamin and Ovrin but they are disabled.

The Larkinson Family are descendants of an mercenary that broke away from the New Rubarth Empire.


  • Cloud Estate
  • Ves Larkinson Veteran hospital
  • Larkinson Basic Mech Academy
  • Rittesberg Estate