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Gloriana Woden is a Female Journeyman Mech designer from a notable dynasty from one of the Major second class states of the Komodo Star Sector, the Hexadric Hegemony, and a firm believer in Hexism. Gloriana has a brother named Brutus, who is an expert Pilot, and a Cousin named Ranya, who is an Exobiologist specialising in Implants.

A woman in a modest red dress draped over by a larger coat appeared in his view. Her long dark hair fell around her lovely diamond-shape face as straight as an elegant curtain.

The woman was almost as tall as Ves but her body was graceful and svelte in a way that tantalized his eyes.

Despite her slender stature, her posture and the way she beheld herself presented an image of quiet confidence. Although the woman did not seem aggressive, Ves observed the typical aristocratic arrogance of those born in high station.The woman reminded him uncomfortably of Vesian nobles, but even Vesians weren't this self-assured!

She was certainly an impressive woman on her own. So much so that Ves even doubted whether he was worthy of her attention!

She had a cat named Clixie which resembled an ordinary calico housecat but was in fact a purebred Rubarthan Sentinel Cat.

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