The Flagrant Vandals are the 6th Mech regiment of the Bright Republic. Notorious for their raids, with a mech fleet consisting mainly of spaceborn mechs. They served as a dumping heap for problematic mech pilots. They are underfunded, so they use raids to raise money, and cheap mechs to reduce costs.



  • Bloodless Dagger
  • Shield of Hispania
  • Wolf Mother: The so-called Wolf Mother was imposingly large. Larger than a fleet carrier, even, though both her hull and armor couldn't compare to a ship dedicated for battle. As a factory ship, the Wolf Mother was basically a manufacturing complex compressed in a single hull with some thrusters and and FTL engine slapped to her. The Wolf Mother's design looked rather crude, displaying many gaps in the hull that led to empty cavities that hadn't been filled since her commissioning.


  • The most widely-used design in active development was therefore the Inheritor line of spaceborn light skirmishers. Their small stature enabled the Vandals to fabricate them fast and cheap from the Wolf Mother's own production lines. Their simple nature also lowered the burden of training rookie pilots into becoming proficient in piloting these mechs.
  • Hellcat a spaceborn hybrid knight.
  • The Akkara heavy mech was a landbound mech that weighed so much that the Vandals never moved them from beyond their landing sites. As the only heavy mech of the Vandals, the Akkara distinctly served a defensive role. On land, the Akkara's moved on four legs to provide a stable firing platform. Dozens of rapid-fire laser and ballistic cannons dotted its spider-shaped torso, allowing it to bombard anything that approach from the ground and air. A special feature of the Akkara was that it served as a weapon platform in space as well. Its heavy design incorporated some of the traits more often seen on spaceborn mechs. This allowed the Akkara mechs to stay relevant in space battles as well. Every Vandal combat carrier incorporated special bunkers that enabled the Akkara to anchor its four legs into the bunker structure and fire out its weapons from the well-placed slits.

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