The most precious materials of the Galaxy.

They are used to create high technology and make components for mechs.

They are found in major quantity near the center of the Galaxy.

The ones found there are also more valuable.

Exotics are separated into categories of low, medium and high-grade exotics.

Dense concentrations of medium and high-grade energetic exotics can lead to localized anomalies, such as on the Glowing Planet or some regions in the Nyxian Gap. This is one potential reason why the CFA and MTA regulate the Nyxian Gap less, given that their highly advanced battleships are filled with high-grade exotics and high technology.

- Rorachs Bone is an exotic which allows a Mech to repair itself, Venerable Foster's first Expert Mech consisted Heavily of Rorach's bone which the Vesia Kingdom acquired on the Glowing Planet, Lucky also consumed a large amount of Rorach's bone, turning his body white.

- Kavenit is a commonly available, relatively stable and unenergetic exotic. Its wide applicability as an armor strengthener turned it into one of the most common ingredients used to toughen up cheap mechs. Kavenit is also minted into coins, bars or slates in order to form a commonly-accepted hard currency. Colorful and abnormal samples of Kavenit ore are often collected by pirates with a certain hobby. Dr. Ranya identified plants from the Nyxian Gap capable of growing on Kavenit ore.

- Phasewater is a high-grade exotic rarely found in the The Galaxy (Milky Way), but very prevalent in the Red Ocean Galaxy. Its dimensional properties are primarily used for FTL drives, such as development of minidrives for mechs or beyonder gates. Phasewater is a material that intrinsically affects FTL drives, so when a star system has a large quantity of deposits, one can encounter some very abnormal conditions.

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