Common Fleet Alliance or the CFA is one of the big Two (the other being the MTA) . They rule space and protect humanity from external threats, as in alien civilizations.

They have a very fierce rivalry with the MTA or Mech Trade Association. They advocate on the use of battleships over mechs. They ended the Age of Conquest.

Origin[edit | edit source]

According to Virtual Rear Vice Admiral Ordoth.:

The CFA and MTA were part of the Five Scrolls Compact before they betrayed (termed as the Great Betrayal) the rest of the compact and stole the Fire Scrol.

According to CFA narrative: (ch 1668)

During the age of contest, rampant genetic modification and isolation led star nations and their spaceborn fleets to become degenerate and hostile. Many fleets warred against others, and commited genocides. In response, numerous fleet admirals banded together and formed the CFA.

The star nations (like the Terrans and rubarthans) had their right to own warships lifted, along witht their resposibility to defend humanity against external threats. The CFA subsituted them.

Then various means emerged to constrain the CFA:

  • MTA rose in power to match the CFA
  • CFA reformed its naval culture. It slowly transformed into a spacer-only organization

Ships and fleets[edit | edit source]

  • The Starlight Megalodon: a legendary Battleship which disappeared after its FTL(Faster than light) drives malfunctioned.
  • Karaton Dwight, a Villard-class battleship. This ship responded to the Sandman invasion, and "destroyed" the sandman emperor. In truth it was infitrated by Sigrund. It belongs to the 3rd Archangel Frontier Battle Group
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