name chapter Nation/planet Affiliation/ expertise comment
Ves Larkinson 1 Bright Republic Himself. Mech designer Main character
Ryncol Larkinson 1 Bright Republic Larkinson, pirate Ves' Dad
Cynthia 364? Bright Republic Ves' mother
Lucky 2 Ves Ves' pet Ves' pet robot
Shifter66 5 Bright Republic mech potentate Iron spirit player


5 Bright Republic mech potentate Iron spirit player
Joshua King 6 Cloudy Curtain civilian -> Avatars of Myth Iron spirit player,
The Polymath 5 star designer
Melinda Larkinson 8 Bentheim Planetary Guard captain Ves' cousin
Jason Kozlowski 10 National Aeromotives CEO. Mech designer Caesar Augustus designer
Benjamin Larkinson 15 Bentheim LMC director, Bright Republic Defense ministry Ves' grandfather
Ark Larkinson 23 Bright Republic BR expert pilot Ves' uncle
Janet 24 Bright Republic Planetary Guard. Mech pilot Melinda's friend
Patricia Schneider 30 Bright Republic Bright Republic -> Friday Coalition. Mech designer Brighter, married into Friday Coalition
Carlos Shaw 30 Bright Republic LMC->unknown Ves' university friend
Charlotte Hoffmeister 36 Bright republic mech pilot. MTA Compliance Department Met @ Young Tiger competition
Marcella Bollinger 42 Bentheim LMC and her broker agency
Dietrich 55 Cloudy Curtain Walter's whalers. mech Pilot Walter's son
Walter 55 Cloudy Curtain Walter's whalers boss. Mech pilot
Carmin Olson 80 Friday Coalition Friday Coalition. Master designer Ves master in name
Raella Larkinson 145 Bright Republic LMC-> Blood Claws. Mech pilot Ves' cousin
Melkor Larkinson 145 Bright Republic Avatar's of myth leader, pilot Ves' cousin
Calsie 127 Cloudy Curtain LMC
Gavin 153 Cloudy Curtain LMC Ves' market analyst and minder
Doctor Jutland 179 Groening IV exobiologist antagonist
Oleg 203 Friday Coalition Friday Coalition. Journeyman designer Carmin's pupil
Monty the Beheader 214 Bright Republic Blood Claws boss
Cyril Hocklett 229 Bright Republic LMC Chief Technician
Jake Altern 244 Bright Republic LMC former LMC COO
Professor Velten 425 Bright Republic Flagrant Vandals senior mech designer
Alloc Brandstad 425 Bright Republic Flagrant Vandals journeyman mech designer, MIA
Lord Javier 455 Vesia Kingdom noble, mech pilot
Venerable O'Callahan 460 Bright Republic Flagrant vandals, expert pilot
Captain Orfan 469 Bright Republic Flagrant Vandals mech captain
Calabast - Hexaedric Hegemony spy, turned independent.
Venerable Foster 556 Vesia Kingdom Vesia, expert pilot
Ketis Frontier Lydia's swordmaidens, mech designer
Quilanxo Aeon Corona exobeast
Camden Tovar 967 Bright Republic Senator of the BR. Head of the Tovar family
Eloise Pelican 1080 Expert pilot Mastery experience
Davia Stark 1596 Bright Republic LMC, traumatized expert pilot
Jezebel Kronon 1685 Ylvanian Avatars of Myth? sent to Ves to test the Deliverer
Edward Klesser 1685 Ylvanian Avatars of Myth? sent to Ves to test the Deliverer
Dominic Kronon 1685 Ylvanian Avatars of Myth? sent to Ves to test the Deliverer

Ghanso Larkinson


Skull Architect

Vincent Ricklin

Lady Miralix


Axelar Streon

Benny Smit[edit | edit source]

Silent William[edit | edit source]

Cowardly mech pilot assigned to Ves by the Rim Guardians. Ves' task was to transform him into a competent expert pilot. Ves experimented with his soul and the alien soul and made him a mute competent sociopath of sorts.

Tristan[edit | edit source]

Katzenberg's student, journeyman. Fridayman

Master Katzenberg[edit | edit source]


Gloriana Wodin[edit | edit source]

Hexer noble, Ves' fianceé

Captain magdalena

Leader of lmc sentinels

Brutus Wodin[edit | edit source]

Gloriana’s older brother Expert Mech Pilot, custom second-class Expert Spaceborn Rifleman Mech, “Star Dancer”, Hexer, second-class light frigate “Serendipity”.

Jannzi Larkinson[edit | edit source]

Larkinson expert candidate, aurora titan fan.

Aisling Curver[edit | edit source]

Journeyman Mech Designer who attempted to Kidnap Ves Larkinson. Fridaywoman

Commander Cinnabar

Dr Lupo

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